16 November 2012

Night Watching

November PAD Challenge, Day 9.  Prompt:  Write a "when he's gone" poem.

when he's gone she clock-watches,
a sullen student of timetables,
every silver minute of each golden
hour, calculating the time away

from her side, the slow embrace
of dawn yet to come, the eggs slipped
into hissing fat crackling back, sliding
onto a plate, the atmosphere thick with
coffee and the music of teaspoons still
in the future

another quarter-hour past and
her face stares back from the
pane of inky black, searching for a single light,
quickly turning to straighten the shoeboxes,

the quilt too, the field of blue/white/blue/white/blue
white atop the bed, geometries of
angled folds, origami layers folding
and unfolding, turned down again

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