16 November 2012

Insect in Amber

November PAD Challenge, Day 14.  Prompt:  Write a "stuck" poem.

oh, yes, the fine cream colored
journal pages are blank, the covers
careful geometries of green, black,

reproach one, the

black pens, too, slim missiles, lie
by their side, yet to discharge their
thick shots peppering the sky

no inky bullet points, striving,
strident, on the page, no
curlicues of decorative braid,
no animal killed and caught,
framed on the page for
all to see

these squat pens going dry in the
drawer, beside powdery cubes
of lavender sachet,
stuck, as if an insect in a
jar of cold cream, as if
frozen in amber,
accidentally preserved for
your glancing eyes

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