11 April 2011

Maybe it Was Simply Sleight of Hand

Day 10, PAD Challenge: Prompt: "Maybe (blank)"

Maybe it was simply sleight of hand
that made the potato-peelings,
still gritty with soil from their
unearthing, turn to silk ribbons
slipping through her fingers, the
coppery skins of onions amber
jewels--she felt the coolness of
them against her cheek before
cutting into their flesh, always
looking for the blooms crowding
through manure, spinning straw
into gold

under the eyes of
the gentleman and lady on the
tin biscuit-barrel, himself in
perpetual supplication, herself,
hesitant always,
in his hand a small
packet of letters, ribbon-tied,
a vine of flowers snaking
down her lap, fleshily


rToady said...

Oh, nice one; odd and provocative. Nice contrast of textures: peelings, petals, onionskins, flesh.

Jingle Poetry said...


fabulous imagery.

MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick said...

Many thanks, rToady and Jingle Poetry, for your comments.

all best,