13 June 2006


pulling out the stitchwork, untying the
knots that moored the story in
place, this precious tapestry of words
and work and tears and too

much entirely. the diamond-panes
wink, wink, in the sun, glinting
signals a brittle code to say yes,
you, and again, not you

threads unwoven, helped with the
snip of a scissors, falling to the floor, a
curly mass of color, incoherent
rainbow, code for what was

to the pit of your gut

unworking the words of smooth silk, the
buttery floss twinkling through the fingers
as the shuttle flashes and

one more line completed, and then
another until the story is told, untold,
mouthed over, a handful of remnants in
your palm, greased over with time and the dust of days innumerable

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