01 June 2006

Rough Road

neonbright diamond, blacklettered,
'rough road" it states, in terse,
exact capitals

we're on the one road....

tarring it over, the fumes rise,
a hot fug thick into the air--shovel
it quickly--then press it down

to make our roads smooth again,
the black bands joining us, one to
one, to everyone

this land is my land.....

in all our small corners, papered
over with words, faint embroideries
upon the fabric we've spun

and the voices die with
a dying fall
ever and again

as we travel our roads,
each to his own destination--
shank's mare is fine for me
on any road, wet or dry

we're together now, who cares

as the starlings dart and
seek their breakfast out
rough roads made smooth

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