11 May 2006


the light flutters, flickering
against the fourwalled glass enclosure
blue, blue, frantic like mothwings
beating, trembling terrible heart

shuddering to nothing, black blankness,
the loss of illumination shrouding
the grass blades in dark, the
cool dark

breathing upon your neck, whispering,
oh yes, you, wending its way,
weaving itself through your hair,
the splayed fingers on your side,

tapping fingers--oh yes, you, the
light flutters, frantic beating
itself out, the damp dark
beating it out, the cool cloth

of the night air stripping away
bloodwarmth, hot breath,
the residue of sweat, clean air,
the night air, scouring away until

a second moon faces me, pale-mugged,
bone dry, a whitened hulk

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