24 May 2006


and I am waiting for an answer
and we are waiting for an answer
all we mothers, legion though we
may be invisible to each other

give me a ticket out of Holland--I
hate it here--and I will rend
the very heavens apart if I do not
get my answer

from the fine-suited, the glib, the
workers of numbers injecting toxins into
the flesh of my flesh, my inviolate,
my lovely one

who has stripped off again and smears
his s... upon the walls, another
dirty protest--but wait til you
see ours

I hope your legs quiver behind the
pipe and drape, your mouth too dry for words,
incomprehensible, squeaking mice held in
line by the various alphabet soups

who hand out the money

what price my son's life?
what price indeed?

and we are waiting for an answer,
and our mouths will not be stopped,
and we will cry out until we have
an answer
an apology
anything except the
prettied spin of the
machine (ka-ching!!)
who delivered us to this place

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