03 June 2013

Art for All

let there be art
for all!
art on the slip of paper
in your pocket,
on the back of the cereal box,
on your gum-wrapper,
on the very soles of your shoes,

art, too, suspended in
mid-air, hung to dry under
the sun, the pigments
still fresh to the touch,
the images not yet

and beat the devil of
self-doubt into a corner,
smash his skull with a
hammer so he troubles
you no more, your fingers
free to boldly mark
the canvas and say
yes, I was here to
chronicle this moment as
sun wipes away the dark,
scouring away with light
all the pre-dawn
indecisions, revisions,
faulty thoughts leading one
down the wrong road

let there be art
for all!
a child of art wielding crayons,
a housewife of art, working circles
through the dust,
the weekend painters daubing
their watercolors, the
avant-garde of art, the
cow-butchers of art, the
cool businessmen of art, the
art unseen on silent walls,
the sidewalk art worn away
by August rains pouring hotly down,
there is
art for all if we only
look for it

let there be art
for all:

for the interior decorators of art,
the scrawlers in damp sand, the
hands forming clay into
ordinary household vessels,
the acolytes of art,
the Facebook artists of the
virtual video box

let there be art for all
and freedom for all
to tell their tales as they
see fit

see it, there, as it glances
past you--as slowly as a
cat threading through your ankles, your
eyes opened as if newborn, forever
seeing, as if for the first time,
a feast laid out in every
form, for every taste and
there is enough for all
and art for all!

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