12 July 2012

Spring-Operated Woman

see her there?
she's the original (never-to-be-duplicated)
spring-operated woman, the
copper coils tight-wound to give her
that extra, unexpected bounce to
her step as she clears the rough-hewn stumps,
puddles of muck, and the occasional corpse
blocking her way

well-schooled in the science of
beauty, too, aided by white-coated
armies and their squat jars,
dab, dab, daub, lest
you become a drab, lipstick feathering
out, a peacock's tail (quick! avert
the eyes and seek out younger, more

wind her up and see her go-go-go,
hand-lettered sign (SPECIAL COFFEE 50 CENTS) brings
her to the shop of the darkeyed man
pouring silver, like a river, into her
outstretched hand

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