26 February 2012

McCarra/Poetry Number 13


Jasper John R. said...

You need a teleprompter like the politicians use. To make eye contact with the audience. Other than that good work. But then I'm just a fat old white guy injineer who spells it "poe - et - tree"; what do I know.

Benjamin Marcus Raucher said...

Very nice poetry

Benjamin Raucher

MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick said...

Sorry, John, but there's no money in the budget for a teleprompter!! (Though, I have to admit, you make a good point!).

Thanks for the comment and for watching!

:- )


Jasper John R. said...

Must be a way to turn a PC into a prompter while using the camera. Hmm, sounds like a job for Super Nerd, the fat old white guy injineer!