15 December 2011

Announcing -- "Ramblings" Just published!!!!

Via Toni-Ann Caserta Buckley, whose son, Jesse, has just published his first volume of poetry........


Authored by Jesse Ruben Buckley III

This book is the result of years of thoughts, ideas, and ramblings of a self-described
imaginative-scientist-author-poet who taught himself to read around the age of two.

A light read, that contains surprising insight into the world of the young through the eyes of a highly gifted child.

It is highly recommended to parents, teachers, and anyone who share in the wonderment of a child.

Publication Date:Dec 10 2011
ISBN/EAN13:1468040219 / 9781468040210
Page Count:78
Binding Type:US Trade
PaperTrim Size:6" x 9"
Color:Black and White
Related Categories:Poetry / General

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Mary said...

I like your writing.