07 November 2010

Town, At Night

For day seven of the PAD challenge. Prompt: a poem that is "pro" something.

dream-enlarged, they greet one
in this night-town of twisted quilts
and goosedown supporting
various and sundry themes: flight, fear,
lust, touch, tenderness, the
journey, too, through sleep, so
often unrestful.....waking with a
start, drenched-- and I still
here-- and what day, what hour
might this be called?

envying so childsleep (now I
lay me) but even that troubled
by bogeymen hewn from different strains....

faces rise up, unbidden:
and how are you my dear?
and how are you my darling?

have you started to put down roots?
will it be a good year?

thwick, thwick, thwick, the film reels off
in technicolor, one short leads to
another, the final denouement
the brilling of her alarm

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