26 April 2010

The Morse Code of Fireflies

*Written for day 24 of the PAD challenge. Prompt: an "evening" poem.

blinking their morse code, these
fireflies in late July spell out
all I would say to you as
I wring out the dishrag and

set it to dry, distracted by the
squeals of neighbor-children and
the voices of their parents, pitching and clink-
clacking over their late-night

drinks, a grill glowing in
the distance as the cricket-noise
swells and fades, swells and fades
yet again, fine concert, that

see-- a S.O.S. -- hear me, see
me-- the blind shall yet see,
the lame yet walk, the halt
have their voice

float-blink, float-blink
as if borne by the breeze blowing past.....contrasting
the tactlessness of 24/7 neon--
these subtle fellows--sending their message
on their way


ggw07 said...

Exquisite! Gretchen

MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick said...

Many thanks :-)

S.L. Corsua said...

The details and the action in your poetry, along with the fluidity and how you wield repetition as a tool, all make a much delighted reader out of me. :)

My first time here to read your poetry. It has been such a treat. Thank you so much. Cheers.