14 May 2009

Submission Guidelines

Figure 1:

a line drawing in black
and white,
a punch bowl overbrimming
(frothing, agitated by a silvery ladle),
hands joined
under the woodplanked table

still, wheels grind and whine against
the metal, wailing through
the night punctuated
by electric lights (crimson, grass green, jaundice-yellow)
and the shouts of
young men wheeling down the street

Figure 2:

color photograph tinted
with green, magenta, royal
blue, royal-est purple, the
image is fixed, inserted
into the reprints, no
afterthoughts here,
no errata slip--
the dyes are set, they are fixed for all time

wool grazes against the cheek
this dark is cool

engineers have long since surveyed this
patch of ground
while we escape measurement, the
quality of quantification, counting

the moon silvers over your face
a light is switched on in a sitting room

too little time, entirely

Submission guidelines:

no, not here, there
no, not this, that
--the meat of the meaning
a disinvitation

Under the electron microscope:

anonymous strings of letters, the
dna spirals onto the page,
table-heavy, explaining those
generations who struck
the soil, names scratched
down in the black-bound bible,
crossing county lines, across the sea,
that narrow band of sickgreen sea

the black
and white of her eyes, the
contrast is the thing that is
noticed, finally,
the face that matches those still unknown

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