04 February 2008

Sunday Dinner

oh yes, this green and
pleasant land, milk
and honey drenched,
away and away, beyond
the river, beyond
the band of railroad
tracks rusted over, the land
of soybeans, corn, and kale

where the ladle does not hit
the bottom of the pot,
beef to the heel on the
weekly joint, and all will be
in abundance (the chorus
repeats) all will be in

as the sun rises over thick-bladed
fields bordered by wood and stone
birdsong rises up to the blank blue,
a slate waiting for our writing

1 comment:

Chaffinch Jones said...

Lovely poem MaryAnn. It really drew me in. I'm going to put a link to your blog on mine. Would love it if you checked my stuff out and did the same if you like my work (http://dunstancarter.wordpress.com/). All the best.