25 April 2006

46th Precinct

resurrect, 46-Adam boy, did you read?
Adam has a ten o'clock meal, central. He
has a date with this Eve, and there's
this apple, see, they mean to eat...

central, the address comes in as 2-2-5-6 Walton,
two-eddie on the two, could you
ten-five the job?

check and advise, our ways and ends and
the means we use to get there, the
chronic call we get, midnight to eight
in the grey sleep-stupid dawn the
shapes change, are uncertain in the mind

no further, no further, no callback

Adam, you on the air? Adam, what's your status?

Check and advise as the moonlight silvers
over the redbrick, yellowbrick buildings,
thick-grey cement holding it all together,
rough icing for these baked blocks

EDP ranges, circles the room once again,
claws at the wooden squares of the floor,
so thingrained and exact

EMS has been called,
resurrect 46-Adam, resurrect

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