22 February 2015

Stones, Crying

the very stones of the walls cry out
against coercive confinement (what
horrors have they seen, that they weep
so, even in summer, dew-heavy) bracing
within their grasp the dying rooms,
the thickwaxed floors

Joseph Ward
Mary Kate Fahey
Joseph Madden
Annie O’Connor

who will give you a voice and spell
out the letters of your story, one by one,
the drops of blood red pearls strung, one
after another, the recurring hurts, generation
upon generation, the black shame of it?

Michael Ryan
Christina Quinn
Patrick O’Malley
Eileen Fallon

too many names to say, and, yet, all of
importance, their frail bodies damned and doomed by
triple devils of fear, misogyny, and superstition,
abomination of abominations, washing and
washing the laundry of others, the theft of their children

John Joseph Murphy
Angela Daly
Paul Joyce
Margaret Scanlon

know that you are not forgotten.