22 August 2011

McCarra/Poetry reading, via "Podsnack"


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Poetry reading: "Calculations (Summer)" -- "In Summer" -- "Eclipse" -- "Telling the Bees" -- "Doughboy" -- "Make Haste" -- "Taxonomy" -- "Painting" -- "Ever-Expanding America" -- "Torch Song"



18 August 2011


a bright sunny butter-yellow for
the kitchen, then, and
an apple-red for the
reading room

she counts the paint pots off
in her head, two, four, six,
imagining prising their lids off to
reveal the thickcream of
colors stirred with a
ruler, spread with roller,
daubed with brush, to
create that distinct
palette, the warmth and
cool reflecting back through
all the seasons as they pass
(as they will pass)

from the white hoar-frost of
winter to the new-green of
spring, the gold-red of
fall, the parched brown, too,
of summer lawns, new-mowed, as

the children call, each to
each, she listens to their
voices, seeking to single out
her own

Ever-Expanding America

ever-expanding America, yes,
we'll see the USA in your
Chevrolet, sky blue, reflecting
all our tomorrows, ticked

off on her fingers, halfway
between sleep and wakefulness
as she tries to discern how
many colors your irises are

comprised of, surprising how
they change in the light, with
your temper, too,

mid-afternoon now, she packs
and repacks, discarding this

and that for other, more
practical items, the compass,
the light, the water, the
oil, hoping they will last these

next dark nights

Torch Song

two embers burning beneath
the kitchen window, smoke
redolent of tobacco and
days long past slip in, unwanted
but not unnoticed

and Winston tastes good, like
a cigarette should, and
there go the two of them,
twinned lights as they
murmer, murmer (of what?)
...too far to hear

and lights flash on and
off as a neighbor walks
past, unshrouding them for
just a moment,

a sudden exposure, then
dark again, those twin
torches coupled in darkness

17 August 2011

Poem, "Butterfly, Loch Avon" forthcoming in "Torrid Literature"

MaryAnn's poem, "Butterfly, Loch Avon" -- which first appeared on this blog -- will be published in both the online and print editions of the April 2012 issue of "Torrid Literature."

Click on the title of this blog post to check out their website and submission information.



"Blood Beats in Four Square Miles" -- the first anthology to feature the work of Mount Vernon, NY poets......


Before you know it it will be time to draw up your lists for holiday gift-giving....

What better gift than the very first anthology to feature the work of Mount Vernon, NY poets?? Truly a unique volume!!

11 August 2011

Next meeting of the Mount Vernon Writers Network


The next meeting of the Mount Vernon Writers Network will be held at the Mount Vernon Public Library on Thursday 18th August 2011 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m..

Come and share your writing in a welcoming atmosphere!!

The Mount Vernon Public Library is located at:

28 South First Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Telephone: 914-668-1840

Closest MetroNorth Station: Mount Vernon East.