25 June 2011

Some Summer programs at the Mount Vernon Public Library!!!!!

Contact the library for more information!!!

Mount Vernon Public Library
28 South 1st Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550



24 June 2011

Winter Day -- Their Album "Acceptance"

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John Emery of Winter Day, a poetry/spoken word/acoustic collective sent me a link (which I will try to post here!) for their new album "Acceptance" -- which includes the following tracks:

1. The Love We Leave

2. Despair I Wrote

3. Seasons Change

4. Old Home

5. Time to Let Go

6. Portrait

I really liked the cover art on the album, which was sent to me as a JPEG, but, unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce it here.

Winter Day is on Facebook. Check them out....



23 June 2011


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22 June 2011

Poetry Readings placed on PodSnack

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The embedded player I had formerly (Podbean) seemed to stop working so I put my MP3 recordings on a PodSnack player. Not difficult at all, thankfully.

Only drawback is that, with the embedded feature, they only allow five recordings on the player (while there are fourteen on my PodSnack page......).



21 June 2011

Writers' Networking Workshop at the AC-BAW Center for the Arts in Mount Vernon, NY!!!


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Writers' Networking Workshop to be held the 4th Thursday of each month. Poetry/Prose Networking Workshop followed by an Open Mic.

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Hosted by james "jAFa" Fair.

AC-BAW Center for the Arts
128 South 4th Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY

For more information email: james.fair1@verizon.net

20 June 2011

July/August Meeting Dates -- Mount Vernon Writers' Network -- at the Mount Vernon Public Library!!!

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The dates and times for the July and August meetings (Workshop followed by Open Mic) are as follows:

Thursday, 21st July, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, 18th August, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Come share your work in a warm and welcoming environment!

Hosted by James "jAFa" Fair, editor of "Blood Beats in Four Square Miles" and Poetry Editor for the Mount Vernon Inquirer newspaper.

Community Room
Mount Vernon Public Library
28 South First Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550



(Closest to the Mount Vernon East MetroNorth Station)


19 June 2011

Mount Vernon Writer's Network has their own page on Facebook!!! Check it out!!!!

Mount Vernon Writer's Network now has their own page on Facebook!!!

Click on the title of this blog post to bring you to the page (make sure you're logged into Facebook first, though!!).

Stop by and "like" the page.....also....stay tuned for future notifications regarding readings, open mics, and so forth.




18 June 2011

Join the Friends of the Mount Vernon Public Library!!!!

Calculations (Summer)

this time-telling on restaurant
napkins--how old was he
when? and how old was she
when? the ink spreading, like

blood, across the white while
the waiter replenishes the glasses
of water, the beading of the
condensation making an ever-

changing map of wetness tamped
by a napkin, the waiter,
pad and pen at the ready
whiteaproned, distracted by a

noise of traffic between the tax
office and the funeral home
and here we are--caught between
death and taxes on this fine

Summer morning, new-born and
already promising the hotness of the
afternoon, scorching our soles, our
souls, as we walk back to the

car, calculating always, the
numbers tottering over, wondering
they will ever add up


blood red moon, eclipsing all others,
over that stony grey soil, the
hardness of it doubling for your
heart, so few words of yours

I have had, and the last
hoarded and made to last like
a prisoner's rations, crumbling into
dust at closer scrutiny, the

meal so coarse and badly
mixed it does not hold a
shape, nor does it satisfy
that wholesome hunger

which slices away, knife upon bone,
and, all the while, the
honeysuckle blooms again into
a thickwarm fug of scent and
her plate is as clean as the
face of the new moon

Telling the Bees

telling the bees that he is
dead she hesitates, for a
moment, to stop them in their
ordinary work (that so graces

their table) but this old custom,
one dear to him, she will keep
at this very last, lest they
should decamp for other hives

or, at the worst, die

so, she tells them of his dying,
early that morning, before the
dawn cracked the new day open,
light creeping over the hills

until it could not be dismissed in
favor of that particular rest graced
to caretakers and, telling them,

she feels their very hum
in her blood, the sun noon-high
now, the windows opened, the
priest called for, the clothes

of black pressed and ready, and
still they hum, these engines of
industry, toiling amongst their
thicksweet gold, their summer harvest


cartwheel in a churchyard, the
slow tolling of insects and
the red-white-blue-red-white-blue flash of
bunting tacked, firmly, once

again the strains of Sousa
through the tree limbs and
the doughboy of stone stands,
ever at the ready, his arms

at his side, the names in
type metallic-small,
tarnished, on an obelisk marble-
bordered, the fountain long

since parched dry under the sun, the
trenches dug for flowers are fresh,
awaiting new plantings, the roots to
take hold, tenacious

under the Summer sun

16 June 2011

Writing Workshop / Open Mic Saturday 18th June 2011!!!!! Mount Vernon Public Library

This coming Saturday.....18th June 2011.....

Writing workshop / Open Mic

Mount Vernon Public Library
Community Room
28 South First Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Telephone: 914-668-1840

(Mount Vernon East MetroNorth Station)

08 June 2011

Poem to appear (online) on the VOX MOM page of The Mom Egg website!

MaryAnn's poem "Transfer" will appear on The Mom Egg website (VOX MOM page) in November 2011.

Click on the title of this post to check out their website!!!


04 June 2011

Poems forthcoming in "Thick With Conviction" -- an online magazine of poetry and interviews.


MaryAnn's two poems...."Building Blocks" and "Crazed Cup" will appear in the June 2011 issue of the online poetry magazine Thick With Conviction.

Click on the title of this post to reach the Thick With Conviction website.

02 June 2011

Blood Beats in Four Square Miles (Fair, ed.) -- the first anthology of Mount Vernon, NY poets.

Check it out on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com!!! (Click on the title of this blog post to get to the Amazon.com page featuring this title!!)


"Blood Beats in Four Square Miles" -- the very first anthology of Mount Vernon, NY poets!!!

Cavalier Literary Couture


Click on "Cavalier Literary Couture" to read this poem (and others!!).....



Poem published-- online-- on the Cavalier Literary Couture website........