22 October 2010

Mount Vernon Inquirer article by Mr. Joe Parisi on the book launch/reading for "Blood Beats in Four Square Miles" edited by James "jAFa" Fair



they crop up, this time of year, on
lawns untroubled by tubers or the
like, pale vestiges of their former,
workaday selves, clad in old clothes
and caps, to scare off the crows....

now, the mass-produced grins mirror
each other, staked in similar clipped
suburban lawns, reduced to the
decorative, the false pleat, the
row of buttons designed to catch the eye

crows are nonplussed by such fellows,
storebought, their tags still attached
as they are staked into the ground, a
xerographic, sixth-generation copy of their
sterner cousins, trousers cut to

ribbons in the wind, their aspect
fearsome, clad, as they were, in
the clothes of the dead, the tattered
remnants of a Sunday suit, worn
shiny, cuffs and collar frayed

and crows and candy-gorging goblins alike,
pass them by, unseeing, unafraid


beehive hum of the machinery will
echo again down the long halls,
the shuttles spinning, this time the threads
woven into a new tapestry to tell all
our days, our hours, the long nights
before the dawn is done and day
crowns straight upon the veiny
sidewalk, asphalt blue, sparkle
glass accidental jewels pressed there
so incidentally and now only noticed
by the keenest eye

the colors go from red to blue-est
black, the inky color of oil blearing
across newsprint

and somewhere is archy still
tapping out stories for mehitabel
while the Yellow Kid tweets
"Hully Gee" and updates his
Facebook status?

stories, like human nature, do not
change: they merely pass from
speaker to speaker, dipping our
pens in the common ink, the
blue-black read all over
used for wrapping paper, kindling,
insulation for our boots, for
the long march--and words
will keep us warm--if we repeat them
fast enough
if we believe them, clear enough, if
we sleep, love, laugh, eat with
word-work, the best and brightest work,
the truest work, in the end

Blood Beats in Four Square Miles - promotion

19 October 2010

Poetry Reading, 22nd October 2010, Lola's Tea House, Pelham, NY

I was not able to make this reading due to unforeseen circumstances.....apologies...

Poetry Reading

Lola's Tea House
130 Fifth Avenue
Pelham, NY

Friday, 22nd October 2010

7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

$5.00 cover / $10.00 food purchase

RSVP 914-738-2100

03 October 2010

BOOK LAUNCH!!! "Blood Beats in Four Square Miles" --- the first anthology of Mount Vernon poets!!!!

Book Launch / Reading for "Blood Beats in Four Square Miles" edited by James Fair.

This is the very first anthology to feature the work of Mount Vernon poets.

Date: Sunday 17th October 2010

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Place: AC-BAW Center for the Arts
128 South Fourth Avenue
(between 2nd and 3rd Streets)
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

This event has been listed on Facebook, should anyone like to RSVP and attend!!!!

I, along with a few others, will be reading some poems.



mccarrafitz@hotmail.com or mmccarrafitzpatrick@gmail.com