22 March 2010

McCarra/Poetry noted in list of "100 Best Poetry Blogs."

McCarra/Poetry was recently noted in a list of "100 Best Poetry Blogs" compiled by Accredited Online Colleges.....

Here's the link, if you're interested....


They list some blogs that I was, of course, already aware of.....plus a bunch that I will now have to check out!!!!!

03 March 2010

Rooftop Photograph

angling towards the camera, the
eye that would have your soul

checking the light, and the filter
so some other can scan it into

the brainpan, in black and white, the
sun soon to set beyond the rooftops

were there pigeons? perhaps.

holding the corners, delicate,
as I hold you, edges so sharp,

still cutting clear, the sky unclouded,
a pane wiped of rain, the mirror

reflecting back, my eyes upon you always

He Speaks Again

there he was again, this time
between the honey and the

olive oil (first of the season) in the pantry, his tongue
tripping thick over his words.....it's

too cold, entirely, on your fire escape,
he says, and where is that cup of tea

I was wanting?

as she slops it into pale blue china,
German, gold-rimmed, the service

incomplete, sugar bowl smashed (how?)
and the sherds pressed into that
mosaic of broken things

and so, he lists her faults, as she
taps the tip of her shoe against the tile,
planning his last meal

Opening Day: Sunday

this new church, with piped-in music
and the occasional announcement, has

aisles for everything, new brick walls
sheltering two cashiers, ten registers,

one harried manager, and acres of
boxes, jars, bottles, bags, and shrink-wrapped

loveliness neatly shelved for
greedy fingers

anticipating the consumption of plastic
sandwiches and drugstore wine,

amen, I say to you, amen, let us save to spend
and spend again.....

funhouse mirror, fluorescent white light, and
pretty jars of hope and charity stacked just so......

the automatic doors open, shut, the
electric eye watches, benevolent red, burning