25 September 2009

Call for Submissions....Mount Vernon, NY and bordering cities....

Mr. James "jAFa" Fair is organizing and editing an anthology of Mount Vernon, New York poets (and also those living in cities bordering upon Mount Vernon).

If you would like to submit your work, please email your submission to:


or drop off/mail typed copy to:

AC-BAW Center for the Arts
128 South 4th Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

03 September 2009


sparks glow under the
ashes banked up in
anticipation of morning light

the long night, stretched-out,
elastic, pours down around
her head, four-legged
stool her only support,

as she whispers, lips pressed
tight to the wall, how have I
come, how have I come, to
be, to be, to be

cool, the wall, plaster-white, daubed
with the last dirty protest, it
soothes the cheek seared over
with the flush of blood
concealed by black

while electric remembrances flash,
limbs thrashing through
the brainpan, the signs for arrivals
and departures are still evident
on the airport concourse, the
last embrace a sweet, a
sweet devouring